7,90 € each

6 ml

Price per 1 ml: 1,32 €

All products necessary for a titanium manicure guarantee the perfect adhesion, strength, and shine and do not require you to use a UV or LED lamp.

Catalog number: 4851-1


This brush-on nail cleanser removes oil, sebum and dirt from the nail bed, and enhances the adhesion of the titanium powder.

Catalog number: 4852-1


A base coat for brushing on the colour powder. Ensures better adhesion and keeps the colour on for several weeks. With added calcium and vitamin E to strengthen and nourish your natural nails.

Catalog number: 4853-1


A brush-on activator liquid. Applied before your nails are given the final shape, the 3 ACTIVATOR seals in the colour powder.

Catalog number: 4854-1


A brush-on shine gel. The product gives your nail an exceptional shine that will last four weeks or longer. At the same time, the 4 FINISH gel creates a protective layer to shield the nail bed against harmful UV rays. Enriched with calcium and vitamin E.

Catalog number: 4855-1

Brush Softener

This brush cleaner liquid will clean the 2 BASE and 4 FINISH brushes during or after the application. Just dip the brush in the liquid for a short period of time and your brushes will be ready to use.